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Officers Heard Answering Calls in Colo. Wildfire


When a wildfire swept through Jefferson County on Monday, 911 operators were flooded with calls for help from homeowners and an officer trapped by the wind-whipped flames.

"I got to get out of here," a deputy is heard on the police dispatch tapes.

"I'm stuck in my vehicle," said the deputy. "I'm at about 13585 Keuhster, and there's fire all over."

"I’m at zero visibility. My vehicle is out of commission, and I've got fire all around. I'm going to stay put in my vehicle," the deputy said.

Another deputy is then heard on the police radio trying to help rescue the first one.

"I'm about 20 feet to your right. There is a hill with a barbed wire fence between us," the second deputy said. "Can you see me? (long pause) Can you see me?"

"I got you, I got you. I'm coming," the second deputy continued.

The first deputy is heard again, "Thanks to my partner, I'm OK. We're turned around, and we're headed back."

Even though they'd just had a scare and one deputy's car was stuck in a ditch, the two deputies are heard going back into the zero visibility to help others.

Within minutes, it gets worse for the neighbors.

"Homeowners requesting assistance," a dispatcher said on the police radio. "There's a family that is stuck in their house, unable to get out."

"They are advising their house is involved, fully involved at this time and they need help evacuating," the dispatcher said.

The fire was reported as five acres in size on Monday afternoon. It was quickly spread by high winds in the foothills.

Two people died in the fire. Sam Lucas, 77, and Linda Lucas, 76, were found at their burned-out home at 14409 Eagle Vista Drive, according to the Jefferson County Sheriff's Office.

A woman who lives in the burn area has been reported missing.


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