Colo. Man's Car Stolen After Craigslist Meeting



Like so many of us anxious to sell merchandise, a Brighton man placed an ad on Craigslist his blue Subaru Impreza.

The man then set up a meeting with a potential buyer at a Brighton Target on the afternoon of Jan. 27.

After meeting the two men who claimed to be brothers, the seller and the prospective buyers took the vehicle for a test ride.

Minutes later, the men pulled a gun on the man, as he drove into rural Adams County.

"They are very bold," said Detective Terrance O?Neill of the Adams County Sheriff?s Office.

Records obtained by 7NEWS reveal the owner was ordered out of his car. One of the men fired a shot that narrowly missed him. They fired again, but the gun jammed. As the victim ran, the two men sped away in the man's car.

"Very fortunate, very fortunate individual to escape any injury as he did,? said O?Neill

Hours later, a trooper near Kearney, Neb. spotted the stolen car.

Investigators said shots were fired.

After crashing the vehicle, Aleksandr Voznyuk was caught.

His alleged partner in crime, Petr Strizheus got away, but was later discovered at a local library.

A worker noticed he wasn?t wearing shoe and told her he had car problems. That?s when she called a friend for help.

"She started yelling he's in the library and the rest is history,? said the employee.

Investigators would not say if this part of a larger organized crime ring, but this is the first report of its kind in Adams County.


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