Neighbor Claims Scary Encounters With Calif. Sheriff's Sgt.


A Coronado resident told 10News she has had several scary run-ins with a San Diego County sheriff's sergeant already facing accusations of aggressive behavior.

10News viewers continue to tell their horror stories surrounding sheriff's Sgt. Elizabeth Palmer. However, one woman claims Palmer has tormented other people while off-duty as well.

The neighbor, who was too scared to identify herself, said she had seen the previous 10News stories with Palmer's alleged victims.

"I have had many run-ins with her. She feels she is above the law and is a loose cannon," the neighbor said.

Seven different people have described Palmer the same way to 10News.

"I would describe her as a loose cannon," said a former co-worker who identified herself as "Jane." "You never knew when she was going to abruptly do something bizarre."

Jane said Palmer regularly used racial slurs and even grabbed for her gun after being accidentally bumped in the lounge. Palmer's neighbor said she has seen the same extreme reaction in their Coronado apartment complex.

"She pulled a gun on a man that was going through the recycles at night," said the neighbor.

The same neighbor said Palmer even confronted her and her dogs one night and threatened to "slit my dogs' throats."

Several incident reports have apparently been filed with the Coronado Police Department regarding Palmer's behavior. 10News has filed a request to see those reports.

Additionally, 10News has filed a request with the sheriff's department to see how many complaints have been filed against Palmer and if there have been any resolutions.

To date, the sheriff's department has only said it cannot comment on Palmer's case but there is an internal affairs investigation into those complaints.

Neighbor Claims Scary Encounters With Sheriff's Sgt.

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