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Denver Officer Recalls Being Hit by Drunk Driver


A Denver police officer hit by a suspected drunk driver is sharing her story, hoping to save lives and prevent others from getting hurt.

"I am so grateful I'm alive and here," said Officer Angela Simon from her room at Denver Health.

"I thought, 'Oh my God.' What's going to happen next?" she said.

Simon was pinned, stuck in between her car and another car she stopped.

"I landed in front of the car and have no clue for a second what happened," she said.

Nicholas Herrera is the man whose truck hit her car, according to police. He was taken into police custody.

"If you're drinking and driving, take a cab," Simon said.

The passenger in Herrera's car sent flowers and an apology note to officer Simon, but Herrera hasn't responded directly.

"Really, he needs to extend himself out a little bit and himself apologize, because it could've been much worse," she said.

Simon is trying to look forward.

Her wedding to a fellow Denver officer was already on hold.

He too was hit by a car, just doing his job.

"We just want people to realize you have to be careful out there driving," she said.

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