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Calif. Men Accused of Selling Pot to Undercover Officers



Two men were arrested and accused of trying to sell marijuana to undercover officers Tuesday afternoon.

During the investigation, officers said they arranged and made several controlled purchases of marijuana and methamphetamine from numerous unnamed suspects.

Special Enforcement officers posing as narcotics dealers said they arranged to purchase a large amount of marijuana from Ramon Alvarado and Victor Lopez who were longterm targets of the Special Enforcement Team.

Officers said they arranged the purchase of five pounds of marijuana to be delivered to a home in the 700 block of North Browning Avenue.

Alvarado and Lopez agreed to the sale and met the undercover officers. Both men were arrested and officers said they seized the five pounds of marijuana.

Lopez was booked into the City of Delano Jail on charges of sales of marijuana, conspiracy possession of marijuana for sale and a U.S. Immigrations & Customs Enforcement hold.

Alvarado was arrested on charges of sales of marijuana, conspiracy and possession of marijuana for sales.

Through further investigation, officers said there was a stash house used by the men and were able to search and seize an additional six and a half pounds of marijuana from a home in the 1900 block of Borel Street in Delano, Calif.

The investigation is ongoing and other arrest are imminent, officials said.


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