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Pa. State Trooper Injured When Driver Slams Into His Cruiser



A Pennsylvania State Trooper is recovering after a driver plowed into his cruiser while he was attempting to help another driver.

Trooper Christopher Newman was driving his patrol car on Interstate 70 on Tuesday night when he pulled onto the shoulder to help a driver who was having car problems, investigators said.

Before the trooper got out of his car to set up flares, police said another driver crashed into his car.

"Trooper Newman is expected to make a full recovery. He's going to be sore and banged up and bruised for a while, but he's lucky he's not injured more severely," said Corporal Jeffrey Schaeffer.

Police identified the driver who caused the crash as Maureen Yelletz.

"While he was stopped behind her vehicle with his emergency light on waiting for a tow truck to arrive, another vehicle came down the road and struck the rear of his police car. That forced it into the rear of the disabled motorist," Schaeffer said.

Investigators said Yelletz was going about 55 mph. Police said driving under the influence charges are pending the results of a toxicology test.



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