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Man Accused of Threatening FBI Agent in Pa.



Federal agents raided a Westmoreland County home Friday night belonging to a man accused of threatening an FBI agent.

According to the criminal complaint, Anthony Dinozzi, a former Westmoreland County dentist from Youngwood, left a profanity-filled phone message threatening to kill an FBI agent.

Authorities said Dinozzi left a message saying that he worked for the Department of Justice and wanted to investigate Bill Gates. Dinozzi claimed he was working for U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder and threatened to kill Agent Gregory Heeb.

Dinozzi lost his license to practice dentistry in 2002 after drug convictions in Ohio, officials said.

Dinozzi also caused a scene at Pittsburgh International Airport last year when he claimed to be an FBI agent.

Dinozzi is currently in jail and has a hearing Tuesday in Pittsburgh Federal Court.



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