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Missouri Dash Cam Videos Shed Light on Growing Trend of Aggressive Criminals

Police in Independence, Mo. released two dash cam videos Friday that show what they believe is a change in the way criminals behave, according to The Examiner.

The most recent incident occurred on March 29, 2010 on I-70 as an officer stopped Lonnie Moore's vehicle because it matched the description of one involved in a bank robbery.

The video shows Moore exiting his vehicle and opening fire on the officer, who returns fire through the cruiser's windshield, wounding the gunman.

Moore keeps at it though and several more shots are exchanged.

He then moves off camera and after running out of bullets, takes his own life.

In the second video, an officer responds to a call about an abandoned vehicle on April 4, 2009.

A man approaches the officer and begins to fire on him. A second officer fires shots through his windshield before running the man over with his cruiser.

The gunman -- Nicholas Waller -- survived and is currently serving a prison sentence.

Although both officers were uninjured, Capt. John Cato says the department is seeing similar incidents more often.

"Most of the time, the perpetrators are trying to get away. But we're seeing more instances when they're bringing the fight toward officers," he told the newspaper. "They’re becoming very aggressive."