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Mich. Officer Rescues Driver, Arrests Him

A Grand Rapids police officer pulled a man from a burning car Thursday morning, and then he brought him to jail, according to WOOD-TV.

Officer Eric Hornbacher responded to a report of someone revving their engine on a side street in the 700 block of Innes NE and found smoke coming from the vehicle and the driver's side door open.

It turns out that Alan Blake fell asleep in the car that was still running with his foot on the gas. Officials aren't sure what caused it to catch on fire.

Hornbacher said that the man didn't seem to realize his car was on fire when he alerted him.

"Get out of the car," he yelled while pulling the man out of the vehicle. "Your car is on fire!"

After bringing him to safety, he questioned the man and arrested him for operating while intoxicated.

"It felt a little weird. I would have been more than happy just to get him home and to family," the officer told the news station. "I'm just happy that he was alive and that he was okay and that nobody else was hurt."