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Calif. Police Using New High-Tech Cameras



Coronado police believe new technology will remove all doubt when they interact with the public.

Using drug seizure money, Coronado police purchased five miniature cameras and recorders that go beyond the dashboard cameras that are mounted in patrol cars.

"These cameras actually record what the officer sees at the scene as opposed to the dash cams, which are limited in their point of view," said Coronado Police Chief Lou Scanlon.

The mini cameras can either be embedded into the helmet of a motorcycle officer or simply worn on a cap by a patrol officer.

"The camera has a 30-second buffer," said Coronado motorcycle Officer Jim Dunphrey. "Wherever I was looking 30 seconds prior to hitting the record button, that's added to the recording and it has already come in handy in court."

The device also came in handy when a citizen made a complaint against an officer. However, the video showed the officer did not do what the citizen said he did, according to Scanlon.

The department bought five devices that are checked out for each patrol shift. Police hope to get five more by next year.


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