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Pennsylvania Police Pursuit When SUV Flips


A police chase ended after a Jeep crashed into a police cruiser and several other cars before flipping onto its roof in Carrick.

The chase started in Baldwin near the intersection of Joseph Street and Glass Run Road after the driver believed to have been intoxicated refused to pull over, police said.

Police said there were two people in the car, and the driver backed the Jeep into a police cruiser and then drove into Carrick, going the wrong way on East Agnew Avenue.

Police said that?s when the Jeep hit five parked cars before it flipped over.

Channel 11 News talked with a neighbor who's surprised the crash didn't cause more damage.

?We're not sure at all how a Jeep would flip over,? said neighbor Mike Reber. ?There's barely enough room for the cars to fit down the road, let alone a Jeep flip over and not do more damage to the cars on the side."

One of the suspects was taken to UPMC Mercy Hospital. The other was arrested, police said.


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