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Colo. Police Say Driver Having Seizure Hit 10 Cars



Boulder police say a pickup driver having a diabetic seizure hit 10 other vehicles during three separate crashes Monday afternoon before he exited the truck and was tackled by another driver.

The pickup driver, Robert Faber, 54, of Lafayette, was taken to Boulder Community Hospital where medical staff confirmed he had a diabetic episode, Boulder police Sgt. Jack Walker told 7NEWS. Walker said he believed Faber has had a previous diabetic car crash before.

The string of crashes began about 4 p.m. when a Chevrolet pickup driven by Faber hit several cars near the intersection of Broadway and Kalmia Avenue, Walker said.

Faber kept driving north on Broadway to Quince Avenue, where he hit another vehicle, Walker said. Faber then continued to Poplar Avenue, where he made a U-turn and hit at least three more vehicles.

It was there that Faber was stopped by Eric Butler, 38, of Boulder, who was driving a truck hit by Faber's pickup, police said.

Butler backed his Toyota Tacoma truck into Faber's pickup, pinning it against a guardrail, Walker said.

Both men got out of their trucks. But when Faber tried to get back into his truck, Butler tackled him and held him on the ground until police arrived, Walker said.

Walker said Faber faces three possible tickets for careless driving. Police also may require Faber to be re-tested for his driver's license to ensure he is medically fit to drive.

Because of the diabetic episode, he won't face hit-and-run charges, Walker said.


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