Inmates Spray Feces, Urine At Colo. Deputies



Four inmates used shampoo bottles to squirt feces and urine at deputies during a Sunday night disturbance in the Larimer County Jail, authorities said.

The rebelling inmates in the jail's highest security level also flooded a common area by plugging cell toilets and repeatedly flushing them, said Sheriff's Office spokesman John Schulz.

No one was injured and a jail captain eventually persuaded the inmates, who had barricaded themselves in their cells, to peacefully surrender, he said.

Authorities haven't determined what triggered the incident, he said.

"These kinds of things happen quite regularly in a jail, at least once a month," Schulz said. "Sometimes it's because they got bad news from their attorney or they had a fight with their girlfriend."

The disturbance began about 7 p.m.

The four inmates emptied their shampoo bottles and filled them with human waste, Schulz said.

"They had squirted it all over the common area, and they were squirting it at the deputies standing in the doorway," he said.

A Special Emergency Response Team and a K-9 dog responded to the jail, Schulz said. By then the prisoners had somehow blocked their cell doors.

One inmate immediately surrendered and was transferred to another area.

"While special tools to open the cell doors were being brought to the area, Capt. Tim Palmer, the jail administrator, spoke with the inmates and convinced them to cooperate," Schulz said.

The remaining three inmates then unblocked their doors and were taken to other areas of the jail.

The inmates face potential charges that include rioting in a detention facility, second-degree assault on a peace officer, criminal mischief and obstructing government operations, Schulz said.


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