Video Released Of Ind. Chase That Ended In Stabbing, Shooting



Lafayette police have released dash cam video of a chase that ended with an officer slashed across the face and the suspect shot to death.

Officer Jeff Web was investigating a possible arson and fight in the 600 block of Oregon Street on Oct. 19 when Paul J. Spencer, 39, led him on a nearly-four mile chase through downtown Lafayette, police said.

Spencer's car crashed into an embankment at South 9th Street and Potomac Avenue, with two police cars behind him -- Web's car and another driven by Officer Ron Dombkowski.

That's when Spencer sprang from the car, ran toward Dombkowski and slashed him with a large knife, police said.

Spencer was then shot by police.

The dash cam video shows Spencer crashing his car, jumping out and running out of frame. Yelling and gunshots are then heard.

Spencer later died of his injuries.

Dombkowski was released from an area hospital the next day.

Raw: Chase Ends In Stabbing, Shooting


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