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Three Charged With Felonies in Occupy Denver Protests


Three people have been charged in connection with a weekend incident involving the Occupy Denver protests.

Michael Donahue, 28, was charged with two felony counts of inciting a riot and one misdemeanor count of obstruction.

Donahue is accused of blocking a police car from moving and with inciting other protesters to riot. Donahue also has two other cases pending: an unlawful conduct on public property case from Oct. 14 and an unlawful sexual contact case from Oct. 15.

Brandon Sexton, 30, was charged with felony second-degree assault on a peace officer and with misdemeanor obstruction, resisting arrest and engaging in a riot. Prosecutors said he is accused of grabbing a law enforcement officer from behind and trying to hit him and wrestle him to the ground.

Sean Driggers, 27, was charged earlier this week with felony second-degree assault on a peace officer in connection with an incident in which he is accused of trying to hit a police officer with a stick as the officer was attempting to make an arrest.

Some Occupy Denver protesters said the three are not with their group but with a group called "Liberate Denver."

In addition to these charges, 23 other people have each been served with a misdemeanor summons, mostly for unlawful conduct on public property that occurred on Oct. 14.

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