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On-Star Service Helps Pa. Police Track Down Stolen Car



Police in Washington County said On-Star service helped officers track down a stolen car and the couple accused of stealing it.

State troopers said the vehicle was stolen out of Brooke County, WVa., and was going more than 120 miles per hour on several busy highways.

Troopers said they chased the car from Route 40 in Buffalo Township to Route 221 and then onto Interstate 60 and finally to Interstate 79.

Investigators said the On-Star service tracked the car thieves every move, up until he pulled into Meadows Casino, where police surrounded him.

Troopers arrested driver Benjamin Senkbeil and his girlfriend Nicole Porter.

Senkbeil is facing more than 50 charges, including running from police and theft charges. Investigators said they found several stolen goods in the car and are working to link those to a number of burglaries in Washington County.

Police said the car belongs to a 75-year-old man in West Virginia who left his keys inside of the vehicle.



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