Off-Duty N.J. Detective Gunned Down

A Newark detective was gunned down outside a strip club early Monday morning as he attempted to stop a robbery, according to The Record.

Detective Michael Morgan Jr., 32, was shot near the Sunrise Gentlemen’s Lounge at 556 Straight Street in Paterson when the suspect approached him and a dancer around 3 a.m., pulled out a gun and demanded money.

Police believe the gunman and Morgan struggled before the robber fired off a single shot, striking the 6-and-a-half-year veteran in his side, Paterson Pubic Safety Director Glenn Brown told the newspaper.

Morgan was armed, but he never had a chance to draw his weapon.

He was transported to St. Joseph's Regional Medical Center where he was pronounced dead.

The suspect fled on foot and there is a $10,000 reward being offered for his capture.

"He was one of our best officers. He was of our finest and brightest stars," Newark Police Chief Sheilah Coley said. will provide more information on this story as is becomes available.