Indiana Police Pursuit Ends in Six-Vehicle Collision

FISHERS, Ind. --

A police chase in Fishers ended in a crash and sent two people to the hospital Thursday night.

Fishers police said the chase got under way minutes after 6 p.m. when they got a call to do a welfare check on a suicidal woman, but when they arrived at her home, she wasn't there.

Detectives later found the woman?s black pickup truck in the parking lot of the Sam's Club on 96th Street.

When police approached the woman's truck, she drove off.

"The officer went to approach the vehicle occupied by a female. His intent was to check her well being. As he approached her, she fled from him. He followed her for a short distance and she continued to drive away from him. That?s when he then began to pursue her," Fishers police officer Tom Wegner said.

Investigators said the chase ended at the intersection of 116th Street and Allisonville Road with five other cars involved.

Bruce Rulman's car was hit by the truck, police said.

"(It) hit me from the side and kind of curled me around. I saw the black pickup truck spinning out of control," Rulman said.

The woman driving the black pickup truck and the driver of a white minivan were hospitalized with minor injuries.

Police did not release the names of any of the drivers.

The Fishers fatal alcohol crash team said the incident was still under investigation.

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