DA: Texas Cop Killer's Execution Was 'Surreal'

SAN ANTONIO -- On the day after convicted cop killer Frank Garcia, 38, was put to death, Bexar County District Attorney Susan Reed talked about what she called "a surreal experience."

"What I saw was defiance," Reed said.

She said that as Garcia lay strapped to the gurney in the Texas Department of Corrections death chamber in Huntsville, Garcia chanted and shouted at times. And then looked directly at her.

"He was talking about the president, the governor and about Susan Reed," Reed said. "And he said that Yaweh, or God, should come and torment me."

Garcia was sentenced to death for the murders of his wife Jessica, then 21, and veteran San Antonio police officer Hector Garza, then 48, at the couple's home on March 29, 2001. Garza was at the home responding to a domestic disturbance call.

As Garcia was about to be executed, Reed said, "There was nothing to suggest that he would ever be anything different than an exceedingly violent, scary monster."

Reed, who prosecuted Garcia in 2002, said that in her career as a lawyer, judge and now DA, she had never witnessed an execution.

"I was testing myself by doing this," she said. I wanted to be sure that my attitude was right. That my thinking was right. And he certainly proved it was."

Following the execution, Reed said she is certain of one thing: "If there is a hell, he's in it."


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