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Pa. Police Departments Share K-9 Resources


Officers in Clearfield and Elk counties are sharing a special resource in the war on drugs.

To keep pace with impending problems in the Clearfield and Elk county areas St. Marys police uses a drug-sniffing dog to help their investigation. The program is costly but has served great uses for the department.

"It's a time saver. I don't have to rip a room apart to find the drugs anymore all i I have to do is bring him in. He'll tell me exactly right here. Here is where you need to search. It saves us a lot of time a lot of effort," said Michael Shaffer, St. Marys police

Shaffer said he and his partner Copper help departments all around the area that are lacking the K-9 resource.

"We've used the St. Marys dog. I think they are a very valuable asset to any law agency," said Michael Dilullo, DuBois police chief.

Copper isn't just being used as a drug detector.

"He can track suspects that run from us or just a child lost in the woods. Predominantly our calls are for tracking people," said Shaffer.


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