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Lawsuit Filed in Death of San Antonio Police Officer


On the one year anniversary of the crash that killed San Antonio police Officer Sergio Antillon, an attorney for his parents filed a lawsuit in district court against several people who may have directly or indirectly had a hand in his death.

The lawsuit lists as defendants Sandra Coy Briggs, the suspected drunk driver who hit Antillon while he was assisting a driver involved in a crash, along with Alfredo Araguz, the aforementioned driver, the Bunratty Pub, and Kathy Jean Foshee, a bartender who served Briggs on the night of the crash.

"We believe the lawsuit will help to raise awareness about the dangers of drinking and driving and help to educate the community about the loss that is suffered in an event like this," said attorney Tom Crosley, who filed the suit.

Briggs is awaiting trial on a charge of intoxication manslaughter. Araguz, whom the lawsuit maintains was also intoxicated that night, was never charged with a crime.

"Our investigation has shown that he was intoxicated," said Crosley. "He ran into the guardrail and left his vehicle so it was sticking out into the lane of travel."

The lawsuit also alleges Foshee, the bartender, overserved a visibly intoxicated Briggs.

The suit seeks survival damages for Antillon's parents, but does not demand a specific dollar amount.

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