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Connecticut Police Save Heart Attack Victim

Oct. 04--MYSTIC -- Two Stonington police officers successfully revived a 45-year-old local man who went into full cardiac arrest after a minor parking lot accident Friday night.

Chief J. Darren Stewart said today that officer Greg Howard, who is also an emergency medical technician and Officer Earl Palmer, a medical response technician, responded to the accident off Route 27 about 8 p.m.

They administered CPR and used a defibrillator to restart the man's heart. The man regained consciousness a short time later and was taken to the hospital.

Stewart said this was the second time in two years that Howard, who is the department's canine officer, revived a person whose heart had stopped.

Stewart said he has forwarded the names of the two officers to the police committee that annually honors officers who have been instrumental in saving people's lives or taken other heroic action.