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Neb. Man at Center of Arrest Controversy Hopes Officers Don't Lose Jobs

OMAHA, Neb. --

The Omaha man in the middle of a controversial arrest said it's unfortunate that police officers could lose their jobs over the incident.

Surveillance video captured the arrest outside Creighton University Medical center on May 29. The video shows nearly a dozen officers taking down Robert Wagner. Two of the officers can be seen kicking Wagner.

Omaha Police Chief Alex Hayes took the video to the city prosecutor, who found no wrongdoing by the officers.

Hayes still believes the two officers should be fired.

Wagner is facing a felony charge of assaulting a police officer. His case was continued on Tuesday.

Outside the courthouse, Wagner said he doesn't think the officers should lose their jobs.

"No, not really, I mean it's an unfortunate situation for anybody to lose their jobs," he said.

Wagner said he's not sure why the other officers involved in the arrest weren't punished.

"I just hear two names over and over, but I think they all took part in it," said Wagner.

Wagner said he still believes what he did on May 29 doesn't justify a felony charge. He admits he called a female officer a name and he said it as he was leaving and walking away.

Wagner said he has some regrets about that night, but didn't elaborate. His attorney told him he's confident prosecutors will drop the charge against him next month.

Ultimately, Wagner said he's hopeful the surveillance video and his case will bring about change in the city.

"I just hope there's more awareness of violence in the city overall. It's kind of out of control on both sides," he said.

Wagner will be back in court in early November.

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