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Pennsylvania Parole Officer Dragged By Car


Shots were fired in a Carrick neighborhood on Monday afternoon when a man attempting to avoid arrest dragged a state parole officer with his vehicle.

Police said the man, whose identity has not been released, was in a parked car along Brownsville Road when state parole officers tried to serve a warrant.

Witnesses told Channel 4 Action News' Ari Hait that the man then tried to get away by driving his car at the parole officers, who fired shots that shattered the vehicle's windows.

Witnesses said one of the officers was dragged about 30 feet while reaching his arm inside the vehicle in an attempt to use a Taser on the man.

A mechanic, who was working on the man's car at the time, said he never heard the parole officers approach and that he was nearly crushed when the man tried to pull away.

"He backed up and I stood up and the car pushed me backwards, and that's when all hell broke loose," Dave Newman told Hait. "He didn't think about where I was at. I know he didn't. And he's a friend of mine, somebody I know around the neighborhood. That kind of hurt me as a friend. You didn't think nothing of me that you wanted to get away so bad that you actually could have killed me."

Newman said the man hit several other vehicles while trying to get away.

The man was later found and taken into custody on Merritt Avenue.

It was not immediately clear what charges he's facing.

No serious injuries were reported.

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