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Iowa Officer Hit By Vehicle 'Determined' To Improve


A Des Moines police officer struck by a car while directing traffic during the Iowa State Fair is doing better, according to his wife.

Police said his wife reports Officer Phoukham Tran walked 152 feet last week.

People who attended a fundraiser for Tran and his family were shown a video of Tran at a rehabilitation center in Chicago. The video showed Tran taking some unsteady steps with the help of staff at the center. Some of the people in the crowd wept.

"I hadn't realized how badly he'd been damaged," Officer Doua Lor said.

Dozens of people with no ties to the police department paid $7 a plate for spaghetti to help a stranger.

"It's a privilege to help someone," one said.

Lor teared up as he watched the video.

"He's determined and he's fighting," Lor said. "He's a person that won't give up."

Tran's son, Anousone, 20, said he's been considering changing his course of study from athletic training to law enforcement.

"I'm proud to be his son," he said. "I just want to follow in his footsteps and make him proud, keeps his legacy going, help other people like he did."

"I'm just really happy he's coming home."

Tran's family said his homecoming is planned for Oct. 10.

The man who is accused of driving drunk and hitting Tran with his car, Keith Terry, is charged with including serious injury by vehicle, OWI and possesion of a controlled substance. His trial is scheduled for next month.



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