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Video: Fla. Officers Save Boy From Under Car


A dramatic scene played out on a South Florida police officer's cruiser dashboard camera.

According to Boca Raton police, Dominic DeRoberts, 6, was getting out of his grandfather’s car at the Verde Elementary School on Wednesday morning when he tripped and fell in front of another car.

"His leg was pinned in the engine compartment," said Coleen DeRoberts, the child's aunt.

The boy's grandfather got under the car in an attempt to calm the trapped child.

"He said he's scared and he wants to get out. He wasn't panicking, wasn't crying," his aunt said. "I guess he was in shock."

Frantic calls immediately went to 911.

"He's conscious. He's breathing. We need someone here immediately. He's under the car. The car's on top of him," a caller told a 911 dispatcher.

"OK, is the child talking to you?" the dispatcher asked.

"Yeah, he's talking to the school nurse right now," the caller said.

Police said the child was pinned under the vehicle until three officers arrived and, with the assistance of some bystanders, were able to lift the car while his grandfather pulled the child out.

Police said Officer Mike Daly, Officer Bruce Sonnenblick and Officer Ernie Bucinskas took part in the rescue.

"We all got in position. We kind of just looked at each other and we just knew that we had one opportunity," said one of the officers.

"It was just a perfectly coordinated joint effort. We can't thank the Boca Raton police enough. Our whole family is grateful to them. My father is completely enamored by all of the officers that helped him that day," Coleen DeRoberts said.

The child was taken to Delray Medical Center. One of his ears was severed during the accident. Doctors were able to re-attach it, but are not sure if he will be able to hear from that ear again. The child also had a punctured lung and a concussion.

Dominic was in guarded condition Thursday.

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