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Fleeing Driver With Baby Crashes Into Ga. Police Car


A police chase through southwest Atlanta ended with a crash and a surprising discovery on Thursday afternoon.

The crash happened at the intersection of Oakland Drive and Merrill Avenue.

Atlanta police said they were trying to stop a stolen car, but the driver sped off, eventually slamming into a police car.

“The police jumped out of the car that was wrecked and was telling the guy to raise his hands, get into the car,” witness Pamela Parks told Channel 2's Manuel Bojorquez .

Atlanta police Officer John Chafee said the driver resisted arrest but eventually relented. Then, officers realized the driver had a passenger.

“I guess the guy, he decided to get out, and they realized there was a baby in the car,” Parks said.

Newschopper 2 flew over the scene as officers removed the child from the car. Officers said they had no idea a child was in the car when the suspect sped away. Parks said officers began focusing on the child’s safety.

“He's fine,” the baby’s mother told Bojorquez.

She said she showed up at the scene wanting to know more about how her child ended up there. She said she had no idea who the driver was. Bojorquez asked her how he got the child.

“I don't know. It's a long story,” she said.

Police said the driver has an aggravated assault warrant from a drive-by shooting last year in the same car. Officers said they also found a gun, two laptops, illegal drugs and $5,000 in the car.

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