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Video: Woman Run Over During Wash. Chase

A woman who ran herself over with the van she fled Moses Lake police in earlier this year has been sentenced to more than a year in prison, according to The Columbia Basin Herald.

Jona Zeigler eluded police on Jan. 23 after a police officer approached her to serve a felony warrant as she was parked near West Broadway Avenue and South Locust Lane.

She drove away, leading an officer through the city's downtown and eventually ended up on Lakeview Drive near South Barbara Avenue and tried to make her escape on foot.

As she jumped from the vehicle while hanging from the steering wheel, she fell in the path of the moving rear wheels and was run over after it ht a fence.

She was transported Samaritan Hospital to be treated for injuries.

"Running from the police is dangerous to the public and to police officers," Prosecutor Angus Lee stated. "But what most people don't realize is that running from the police is even more dangerous to the person running away."

"We often see those running away wreck their car or motorcycle and cause serious injury or death to themselves. This case was unique in that the defendant actually got out of the car while it was moving and then ran over herself."