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Milwaukee Police Unveil New Look for Bike Patrol


With four bicycle patrol officers having been hit in the last week, Milwaukee police Friday unveiled a safer bicycle for their officers.

The new lighting system was designed by an officer who has been using it on his own bike for some time.

The bike featured red and blue lights on the front and back of the bike, an increase over the one white front light and one red tail light on current bicycles.

Police Chief Ed Flynn said he would like to see all 87 department bicycles lit with the new system as soon as possible.

Flynn said the past week's events highlight the dangers faced by his officers.

"I think it illustrates conclusively the dangers our officers face every day," Flynn said. "Not just from armed criminals, but also with the drunken and the foolish behind the wheel of a car. To an officer, they are every bit as dangerous as any armed felon."

No time frame has been announced for outfitting the department's bicycles.

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