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Fired Fla. Police Chief to Leave With About $900K


Former Miami Police Chief Miguel Exposito spent his first day unemployed Tuesday, but he is not leaving empty-handed after his firing Monday.

Exposito, a 37-year employee of the city of Miami, will be receiving his full pension and benefits, despite the Miami City Commission's decision to fire him.

The commission voted 3-2 on Monday to fire the police chief after the city manager suspended him last week, accusing him of insubordination.

However, that does not affect his pension and payout. He leaves with about $900,000, a portion of which comes from his annual pension of $118,399 for the seven years since he entered the state's deferred retirement program. During his years as chief, Exposito was one of the city's top five wage-earners. His accrued vacation and sick time are still being calculated.

Meanwhile, the city is still grappling with a budget shortfall of $61 million to $62 million. The city has come to an agreement with the firefighters' union, which will make some concessions in pension plans. The City Commission will meet Wednesday to discuss how or whether to impose contracts on the police, sanitation and general services unions.

The city declared financial urgency last month, which allows the administration to impose contracts on unions should they fail to reach an agreement.

A budget hearing is scheduled for Thursday, when a plan to cover the shortfall will be discussed.

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