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Smoking Burglar Caught With Highly Flammable Gases in Pa.


Police said they arrested a man after he broke into a Carnegie business with highly flammable gases while smoking a cigarette.

Investigators said James Casey is responsible for breaking into Skyoxygen on three different occasions.

Police said the business in East Carnegie sells industrial, medical and specialty gases. East Carnegie police said during Casey's third break-in at the business, he was caught smoking a cigarette while trying to assemble a welding kit.

In the first two break-ins, police said Casey stole a cash register, laptop and some loose change. On Thursday night, investigators said they were called when a worker saw Casey on the property during non-business hours.

Investigators said the first officer there found Casey trespassing on the property and smoking. The officer said when he ordered Casey to put the cigarette out, he refused. The officer said he then tackled Casey and put the cigarette out himself.

Casey was taken to jail and is facing several charges, including risking a catastrophe, endangering the welfare of others and criminal trespass.

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