Ala. Motorcycle Cop Reflects on Recovery After Crash

It's been almost a year since Montgomery Police Cpl. David Brown's life was changed forever, yet he has no memory of that particular day.

"I probably couldn't have made it through those first months without them," Angie Brown said. "They weren't just his coworkers, they were his friends. And a lot of them became my friends."

Though he can't remember details from the day of the accident, Brown remains forever grateful to those who helped him.

"While the ambulance is trying to leave, it flips over -- it's just part of it," David Brown said. "And that was thrown on all these guys with no notice and they were able to shake it off and handle what they needed to do to get me to safety, and that's been a big plus."

As the family continues to adjust to their new life, they aim to stay optimistic about the future, taking it one day at a time.

Brown joked about how he knows when someone is near the living room, where he often sits, which gives him the perfect opportunity to ask them to bring him something to drink from the kitchen.

With Brown now retired from the Montgomery Police Department, he is able to spend more time with his family as he recovers and also enjoy activities such as fishing and hunting, though they come with some "extra effort."

Through it all, he remains grateful to have his wife by his side.

"She has to take me to rehab twice a week -- it's a lot to do for one person and she does it all herself," he said, adding she never complains. "I greatly appreciate all of it."

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