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Sheriffs Bust N.C. Moonshine Operation


A Catawba County man faces charges after deputies found a liquor still, marijuana, firearms and prescription drugs inside his home.

Officials said Timothy Fox was running an indoor liquor operation from the bathroom of his home on River Bend Road in Claremont. Investigators with the Catawba and Lincoln County Sheriff Offices went to the home on Thursday as part of a knock and talk operation. They became suspicious during their conversation with the owner, so they obtained a search warrant and went back, the Lincoln County Sheriff’s Office said.

Inside the home, investigators said they found a liquor still, 100 Mason jars of white liquor, 295 grams of marijuana, prescription drugs, more than 40 firearms and more than $13,000 in cash. Deputies said the still was in a bathroom.

Fox was charged with possession with the intent to sell and deliver marijuana, maintaining a dwelling for a controlled substance, possession and sell of non-tax paid alcohol, possession and sell of an alcohol beverage without a permit and manufacturing liquor without a permit.

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