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Ohio Cop Mistakenly Assaulted by 'Vigilantes'

DAYTON, Ohio --

Authorities said a Five Rivers Metroparks officer was assaulted while driving to work early Tuesday morning.

Police in Dayton said two men in a car drove him off the road, and now officers said this may be a case of mistaken vigilante justice.

Officers said the incident began at the Chateau Club in Harrison Township. They said the men sent the Metroparks office into a guardrail after they thought he was the man who robbed them in the business’ parking lot.

According to police, the two men followed the officer southbound on Interstate 75, came up behind him near Stanley Avenue and began bumping his vehicle, forcing him into the guardrail.

Police said the men then pulled over on the exit ramp to Route 4.

Sgt. Clarence West said, “The gentlemen said they apprehended the person who just robbed them at the Chateau Club that is in the country at Wagner Ford Road.”

Officers said they believe that part of the men’s story is true and that someone did approach them in the parking lot and rob them at gunpoint. However, police said they believe the two men became confused when they tried to follow the person.

Police said this is one of the reasons why they advise people not to take matters into their hands. Cases of mistaken identity are pretty common.

“The other car was on down the road, they rammed a police officer’s car, an off-duty officer’s car instead,” West said.

Officers said the driver was arrested on charges of felonious assault. At this time, police said they do not have any good information about the two men who actually committed the robbery.

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