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Family Wants Policy Changed After Ohio Police Kill Cat


A Lebanon family wants to see a city ordinance changed after a patrol officer shot and killed their cat in an alley behind their home Saturday.

An officer responded to an animal complaint call Saturday afternoon behind the homes on Silver Street. A neighbor of Dori and Randall Stone, the cat's owners, told a relative about a sick looking cat in the alley. The relative called the police department, and the officer shot and killed the Stones' cat Haze after conferring with the officer in charge. The neighbor's relative put the cat's body in a dumpster.

?Something needs to done, if this is common practice it needs to be changed,? Dori Stone told our partners at the Western Star in Lebanon. ?My husband and I have not eaten since Sunday morning. We are just sick. We close our eyes at night and see his little face and to think as good of care we took of him for almost seven years, these were his last moments and that was the way he had to die, it?s unbearable.?

Lebanon City Manager Pat Clements issued a statement clearing the police department of any wrongdoing.

?Based on the information I have received, it appears that the officer?s actions were necessary and in compliance with departmental policies,? Clement said. ?There are currently no local or county agencies equipped to respond to sick or injured stray cats, and our options are limited.?

Lebanon Police Department policy is to destroy sick or injured stray cats where they are found and under no circumstances is an officer to transport the animal in a city vehicle.

The policy, however, appears to violate Ohio Revised Code. Cats are one of a number of animals protected by the code that says no one shall ?maliciously, or willfully and without consent of the owner? injure animals. The violation is a first-degree misdemeanor. Clements did not comment on the apparent violation, the Western Star reported.

LEBANON: Family Angry With Police Policy After Pet Cat Killed


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