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Florida Police First to Use New DNA Technology

PALM BAY, Fla.--


The Palm Bay Police Department announced on Friday that it hopes new technology will help their officers solve crimes a lot quicker.

Police Chief Doug Muldoon unveiled a device that mobilizes DNA technology. The department is the first in the world to use the technology.

The department has already been using advanced DNA technology for four years. But now the new technology allows the department to get results back in less than two hours, and they have their own private lab so they don?t have to wait to get results.

They said that means they can solve crimes literally right on the scene, especially with something like a home invasion or burglary.

?What we are talking about is really saving lives and getting bad guys possibly in the same day, possibly within a single shift,? said Dr. Roy Swiger, of Integen.

They said they've already been able to solve dozens of crimes because of existing technology.

The new technology is still not admissible in court. They have to prove that it works first, and the department said they're not going to have a problem doing that.


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