San Diego Officer Made Impact on Teen

SAN DIEGO -- A brief exchange between San Diego police Officer Jeremy Henwood and a 13-year-old boy at a City Heights restaurant has left a lasting impression on the youngster.

Henwood was ordering dinner at McDonald's on Aug. 6 when he and Daveon Tinsley engaged in a conversation at the counter.

"He was like, 'What do you want to be when you grow up?' I said I wanted to play in the NBA, and he said, 'That takes hard work,'" said Daveon.

On that day, Daveon said he did something he had never done -- talk to a police officer.

"I needed a dime so I could buy more cookies and he gave me the dime," Daveon said.

Daveon and his father, Jerry, watched the video for the first time on Tuesday. Jerry Tinsley told 10News, "He took the time to have a conversation with my son. It means a lot because he paid it forward. He did something for his life he will never forget."

To that end, Daveon said, "I have to keep in mind that I was the last one he had a conversation with so I'm going to take his advice and work hard in life."

A few minutes after Daveon's conversation with Henwood, the officer and Marine reservist was shot several blocks away in his squad car. Police said Henwood's food order was in the car. He later died of his injuries.

Daveon pointed out the location of where he said he saw the most police cars he had ever seen. It wasn't until he went back to the McDonald's the next day did he realize it was Henwood who was shot.

When he and Henwood parted company at the restaurant, they waved to one another. It is a wave Daveon said he sees in his sleep.

"It goes in slow motion like this ... like I'm saying bye to him … it's like bye forever," he said.

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