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Video: Wash. Police Pursue Escaped Bull

AUBURN, Wash. -- Auburn police said it was just before midnight Saturday when the 911 calls started coming in -- there was a bull with huge horns on the loose, running through downtown.

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"We've had wildlife in the city before, but I don't remember a bull being downtown. We were concerned for the bull and for citizens' safety," Auburn Police Cmdr. Mike Hirman said Tuesday.

Police said the bull ran from the east side of the city to the west, about four miles in 30 minutes.

Throughout his run, multiple squad cars pursued the bull and police said that several times the bull charged people who were walking down the street.

When police couldn't stop the bull, cowboys with lassos were called in to try and catch the bull -- and that's exactly what they did.

Some of the cowboys rode on the front of squad cars, while others hung out the passenger side window, until they finally brought the bull under control.

No one, including the bull, was injured.

Luckily, the Wild West action was caught on police dash-cam video.

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