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Fla. Officer Arrested, Charged With Official Misconduct


Another Boynton Beach police officer was arrested Friday and charged with official misconduct.

State prosecutors said Officer Alex Lindsey lied in his police report and sworn probable cause affidavit about finding a gun hidden on a suspect during a December 2010 arrest.

According to court documents, after federal prosecutors took over the case, an assistant U.S. attorney asked Lindsey why defense attorneys wanted to see the booking video from the Boynton Beach Police Department. Prosecutors said Lindsey admitted to finding the gun in the booking area and not at the scene as he wrote in his report.

Lindsey becomes the fourth Boynton Beach police officer to be arrested since Sunday and the fifth since July.

Michael Arco and Michael Mulcahy were also charged Tuesday with official misconduct. Prosecutors said they falsified their police reports about how they gained entry into a fugitive's motel room while serving an arrest warrant in November 2010.

Kenneth Magielski was arrested Sunday on suspicion of driving under the influence after Martin County Sheriff's Office deputies said he crashed his car through a gate in Palm City.

In July, David Britto was indicted on drug charges. Federal prosecutors said the 28-year-old officer conspired to obtain more than 500 grams of methamphetamine with the intent to distribute.

Former Boynton Beach police Officer David Britto was indicted on drug charges.

Chief Matt Immler addressed the recent arrests during an impromptu interview with reporters Friday.

"I believe that the cases, everything that you've seen this week with the arrest of our officers, this is what's right about law enforcement," Immler said. "This isn't what's bad about law enforcement. This is a police agency with the ability to find out what's gong on internally and then to address it the way it should be addressed."

Immler said Lindsey, Britto and Mulcahy are "essentially officers who took a shortcut."

Boynton Beach police spokeswoman Stephanie Slater said Lindsey, Mulcahy and Magielski have been placed on paid administrative duty pending the outcome of criminal proceedings and an internal affairs investigation. Arco resigned in February, and Britto is no longer employed as a Boynton Beach police officer.

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