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Mo. Trooper Still Missing, Dog Recovered


The Missouri Highway Patrol continues to search for a Water Patrol Division officer who has not been seen since early Monday afternoon, but the body of his K-9 partner, Reed, has been found.

The trooper, identified as Fred Guthrie, 46, was last seen near Big Lake, where he was assisting with flood relief efforts. The trooper's vehicle, with its boat attached, was located on Monday.

Members of the Missouri National Guard brought in trucks with sand and heavy equipment to help with the recovery effort. They were building a berm to redirect the current of flood water so it would make the search effort easier.

Sgt. Sheldon Lyon said the location where they were doing that work was where the trooper's dog was found.

"We feel that there's a good chance that we will also discover Trooper Guthrie in that same place," Lyon said.

Guthrie was last seen at lunch on Monday.

"From what I understand, he and a few other troopers were eating lunch. After lunch, they broke apart and went to their assigned duties. At that point, that was the last time (he was seen,)" Sgt. Bill Lowe said.

Lyon said the search would go on until Guthrie was found. KMBC's Brenda Washington reported that by Tuesday morning, authorities were calling it a recovery effort.

"It will go on as long as it takes to ensure we find the trooper that is missing. Hopefully, he has found difficult circumstances and we are going to find him alive and well," Lyon said.

He said many of the people searching for the missing trooper know him.

"It makes the search that much more difficult," he said.

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