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Colo. Deputy Accused of Punching Teen Is Fired


A deputy accused of breaking the jaw of a 15-year-old boy whose feet and hands were restrained on an ambulance gurney has been fired.

Deputy David Morrow was terminated from the Adams County Sheriff’s Office last week, officials told 7NEWS.

Morrow, 28, was charged on July 12 with child abuse resulting in serious bodily injury, assault, witness tampering and official oppression, Adams County District Attorney Don Quick and Sheriff Doug Darr said in a joint statement.

The charges stemmed from an incident in June when Morrow responded to a large disturbance during a house party at 8790 Welby Road in Adams County, officials said.

A boy who appeared to be highly intoxicated was being taken by ambulance to a hospital, officials said. Because of the teen's verbally combative behavior, an ambulance crew member restrained the juvenile’s hands and feet to check him for injuries, officials said.

"Witnesses report that Morrow entered the ambulance to retrieve his handcuffs," the district attorney's and sheriff's statement said. "As he passed the juvenile restrained on the ambulance gurney, Morrow struck the juvenile on the face with a closed fist."

It was later determined that the juvenile suffered a broken jaw, officials said.

Morrow was initially placed on administrative leave with pay, but he was moved to leave without pay when the district attorney filed charges.

"This is very serious business," Darr added. "We have a responsibility to investigate all allegations of violations of Colorado Law, regardless of the individual’s position."

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