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Fla. Officer Saves Hallucinating Man From Drowning

A Monroe County deputy saved the life of a hallucinating man intent on drowning himself at Long Key State Park, according to a report.

Daniel Yepez, 21, of Miami, ran away from Jason Mavila, 26, saying he wanted to drown in the water, reported.

When Monroe County Sheriff's Deputy Nicholis Whiteman responded to the call, he saw paramedics already at the scene, as well as two women who were at the beach late Saturday night with Yepez and Mavila, according to the Sun-Sentinel report.

Whiteman dropped his gun belt onto the sand and hustled into the water to try to help Mavila rescue his suicidal friend, the Sun-Sentinel reported.

During the struggle, Yepez elbowed Whiteman in the eye before the deputy was able to bear hug him and bring him out of the water.

Yepez's friends told Whiteman that he had eaten mushrooms and began acting strangely and talking about death, the Sun-Sentinel reported.

Yepez was treated at the scene and, after admitting having drugs with him, was arrested and taken to a hospital for treatment. He faces numerous charges.

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