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Pa. Police Mistakenly Charge Two Men in Shootings


Mayor Linda Thompson apologized for recent police missteps -- including falsely accusing a man of murder.

Earlier this month, police announced they were charging Abdidahir Abdu-Lahi, 21, with the murder of Keion Gooding, 18.

Gooding was shot and killed outside his home on the 300 block of Crescent Street.

The mayor's representative said the press release was sent out prematurely.

Abdu-Lahi ended up facing gun and reckless endangerment.

Also, in May, police accused Adalberto Sanchez, 31, in the shooting death of a 24-year old man.

As the investigation continued, Sanchez was later charged in a related shooting -- the day before the victim was killed.

Thompson said, "Believe me, it wasn't intentional; it happened in the spirit of making sure we get the bad guys off the street in less than 24 hours."

She blamed the mistakes on police being given false witness accounts.

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