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No Evidence Found of Colorado Sheriff's Dept. Test Cheating



An independent police monitor has found no evidence of cheating on the Denver County Sheriff's Department April promotional exam.

Last May, someone sent an anonymous letter to Denver media that claimed a sergeant major had handed out test questions and answers.

But Denver's police monitor said it found no evidence of cheating on the April exam.

"The Sheriff’s Department had the test results evaluated by an international expert in cheating detection methods," Richard Rosenthal wrote in a report on the investigation. "In addition, the Monitor’s Research Analyst compared quantitatively the 2011 test results to similar promotional tests administered in 2007 and 2008."

Rosenthal said the results of all three tests were consistent.

"Overall, it is the Monitor’s judgment that there is no credible evidence of cheating on this promotional exam," Rosenthal wrote.

As a result, the April tests results can now be used to determine promotions within the Sheriff's Department.

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