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College Park, Ga., Police Fires Two Officers


College Park police said it had to fire an officer for associating with a notorious motorcycle club and for doing drugs.

That comes after the department arrested another former officer for putting a huge dent in one of its police cruisers.

"The damage was like 500 and some dollars," Assistant Chief Tom Kuzniacki told Channel 2's Tom Jones.

Officers arrested Gordon Jackson and charged him with felony interference with government property.

Kuzniacki showed Channel 2 Action News video of what he said shows Jackson kicking one patrol unit and then kicking another when it pulled up.

Police said Jackson quit the department because he wasn't happy with the administration.

They said the kicking incident is how he got his revenge.

"He kicked the front of the police car then he turned around and went to another car and kicked the side, which put an enormous dent in the side," Kuzniacki said.

Jackson is not the only former College Park police officer arrested.

Lawrenceville Police recently arrested Donnell Eppinger for impersonating an officer, drug possession and firearm during the commission of a Felony.

Before that, College Park police said Eppinger was in big trouble with them.

"He was under investigation for the last eight months," Kuzniacki explained.

Police said they investigated Eppinger for being involved with a notorious criminal motorcycle gang.

Officers said Eppinger admitted he smoked marijuana with people in the club and used cocaine on occasion.

After Eppinger was fired, a Lawrenceville police officer stopped him on his motorcycle and said he found a College Park police badge, Ecstasy and a Glock handgun.

Officers said Eppinger told them he worked for College Park police. The officer checked and found out he had been fired.

Police said these are not the kind of people the chief wants on the force.

"When you have people that are involved in unethical criminal behavior it puts a bad name on us," Kuzniacki said.

Police are trying to figure out how Eppinger got a College Park police badge since he turned his in when he was terminated.

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