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Truck With Mobile Meth Lab Drags N.C. Officer


A Lincolnton police officer was dragged four blocks by a truck that was carrying meth-making materials, officials said.

The incident started on West Water Street, near Grove Street in Lincolnton, and the officer finally broke free at the dead end of East Park Drive.

Police said Christopher Cashens, Isaac Gillespie and Jada Mitchell broke into one home three times Monday night. Police said they were trying to sell the items they stole when Officer Richard Harrington stopped Cashens’ truck on Tuesday morning.

Harrington reached in to grab the keys but Cashens put his pickup truck in reverse.

Harrington said he held on because he was worried that he would be hit if he broke free at the wrong time.

Sgt. Willie Vaughn saw the incident unfold.

“My heart sank,” Vaughn said. “I could see my officer hanging on. He was trying not to get sucked under the tires of the vehicle.”

Harrington was not seriously injured.

Cashens eventually crashed into a tree. Police said he took off running but didn’t get far. They said they found several stolen items in the truck, along with meth-making materials. Had the chemicals mixed or spilled, they could have exploded.

Eyewitness News asked Cashens what happened.

“I had to go,” he said.

Then, he expressed sympathy for the officer who was dragged.

“I'm sorry. I hope he's all right,” Cashens said.

Police said Cashens was already wanted on charges of possession and selling counterfeit drugs.

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