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Winnipeg Police Tries Traffic E-Tickets


WINNIPEG - Traffic tickets are going high-tech in Winnipeg.

The Winnipeg police will soon be able to give drivers electronic tickets instead of hand-written ones.

Insp. Mark LeMaistre says the aim is to save time and cash, since it takes about half as long for an officer to complete an e-ticket.

Officers will simply scan a driver's licence on a computer inside their cruisers, then print out a copy for the driver while the ticket is being electronically sent to the courts.

LeMaistre says typing the tickets could also cut down on spelling errors and poor handwriting that sometimes can get tickets thrown out of court.

Len Eastoe of Traffic Ticket Experts says it's a big negative for the public as officers will be able to issue more tickets.

Eastoe, who is a former police officer, says the goal for officers is to hand out as many tickets in a day as they can, and this will speed that up.

RCMP in Nova Scotia plan to launch a pilot project e-ticket system this fall.

Officials said the system could be rolled out to RCMP members across the country by April 1, 2012.

Winnipeg police say it could still be a few months before their new system is implemented.