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Kansas City Officer Shoots, Kills Armed Woman


Kansas City police said an officer shot and killed a woman at 59th Street and Manchester on Monday morning.

Police Officer Darin Snapp said a woman called police about 9:30 a.m. and said a woman armed with a rifle barged into her home while she was sleeping, and told her to get out. The woman ran next door to a neighbor's home and called police.

The woman said she heard four or five shots after going to the neighbor's house, according to Snapp.

Police said that when they arrived, they saw the woman at the back of the house and she pointed the an assault rifle at officers. One officer fired a single shot, striking and killing the woman.

"When the officers approached the house, the suspect came from around the house, pointed a rifle at them at which time they fired, shooting her at least once," said Snapp.

Her name has not been released, but police said she was in her late 20s or early 30s.

Investigators said they believe the two women knew one another.

"There's a picture inside the house that appears to be the shooting suspect," said Snapp.

Police said two officers initially responded to the scene and more came in a backup role.

Neighbor Patricia Cundieff told KMBC 9 News that the woman who called for help was the only one in the home when the woman with the gun showed up.

"I'm actually shocked. I can't believe somebody went up there and shot up the house," Cundieff said.

Cundieff said the woman who was in the house was "outgoing," but she didn't know much else about her. She said other people have stayed at the house off and on.

Investigators offered no details about the officer who fired the shot. Police procedure generally includes placing officers involved in a shooting on administrative leave while the incident is under investigation.

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