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Indianapolis Police Deputy Mistakenly Distributes Female Officers' Measurements


Personal information for a dozen female metro police officers was leaked out through an email by mistake.

The Deputy Chief Valerie Cunningham is now apologizing for the embarrassing blunder, 6News' Myrt Price reported.

"People were upset that their measurements were on there," Cunningham said.

Officials said the the bra sizes and weights of 13 officers were sent out in an email attachment to the department's command staff and then forwarded to a number of other supervisors.

"A torso measurement, a measurement around the waist, a bust measurement, similar to being fitted for a bra, and then a height and weight," Cunningham said.

The measurements were taken in order to fit the officers with new custom body armor.

"It's vital that measurements and the fit of the vest is correct," Cunningham said.

Cunningham said the email was only supposed to include the officer's name and that the measurements should have not been included.

"There was no malice, it was a mistake that it was disseminated, however the information should have been redacted," Cunningham said. "There won't be any further investigation, this was a mistake."

After finding out that the officers were upset, Cunningham said she told the command staff not to forward the attachment to anyone else.

"I took it upon myself to issue a personal apology to the 13 women," Cunningham said.

Representatives from the Fraternal Order Of Police said they are considering taking legal action on behalf of the officers.

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