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City Of Miami Posts Job Opening for Police Chief


The future of Miami's police chief remains uncertain, after a job opening was posted on the city's website.

The post says the city is looking to hire a new chief, but current Chief Miguel Expositio says he has no plans to step down.

Exposito sent a statement to Local 10 that says in part, "The city's Employee Relations Department is mistaken in believing that I must leave in January 2012. When I was appointed Chief of Police, the city gave me an open offer of employment without a termination date.

"The City Charter is clear in that I can only be removed from my charge by the City Manager, and it must be for a cause. I have worked under four city managers and none of them have taken steps to suspend or remove me.

"The City Attorney's office is currently researching this matter, and has yet to make a ruling on this issue. I am making plans for the future of the Miami Police Department. I have tremendous support from the community, and I will not be leaving in January 2012."

Earlier this week, Local 10 learned Exposito rejected a bribe to resign.

Miami Mayor Tomas Regalado initially said he knew nothing about the money, but backpedaled just one day later, saying he was aware of the situation.

We did reach out to the mayor's office regarding the job posting, but have not heard back.


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